What Does The Green Arrow Mean On Snapchat – Find Out The Correct Icons!

what does the green arrow mean on snapchat

Snapchat is big booming social networking app which is best suited to share pictures and videos with known ones. If you have been part of the Snapchat for a long time, you must be fully aware of different icons offered by the app and their exact meaning. On the other hand, there would be countless individuals who are new to Snapchat and finding it hard to understand the true meaning of these icons. In our short article, the main point of discussion is “what does the green arrow mean on Snapchat” and we do have some relevant information to share.

The use of icons on Snapchat is crucial and it makes possible to have a better understanding of the app. Each icon has its own meaning and will offer you some nice useful information. Snapchat icons have been further classified into different categories like send icons, opened icons, received icons, viewed icons, screenshot icons and replay icons.


There is a lot to share about these icons and we have chosen a special one which gives information regarding a friend who has viewed the photo uploaded by you and taken a screenshot. This top icon, in my opinion, will justifies how many followers of yours do like the uploaded pictures and takes a screenshot.

What Does The Green Arrow Mean On Snapchat

What does the green arrow mean on Snapchat is not a hard query to sort out when you keep using the Snapchat for a long time and learns its basic concepts. Generally, we don’t find the green icon and this is the reason why most of the Snapchat users are unaware of it. Even, not many online tutorials are launched which could provide the exact meaning of these icons.

Snapchat, as mentioned, is most trusted and widely accepted social networking app which has become part of our lifestyle. If as a user you want to make correct use of the social networking app, there is nothing better than gaining deep knowledge regarding Snapchat icons. Just like, what does the green arrow mean on Snapchat there are many more queries related to Snapchat icons.

Green Arrow Mean On Snapchat

Apart from open green arrow icon, you will find blue, red and purple arrow icons in Snapchat. A red arrow means a friend has opened a snap without audio and purple arrow will indicate the friend who has opened a snap with audio.

Green arrow icon is pretty special as it will show a friend who has not only opened your uploaded snap but also took a screenshot of the photo. For sure, there are not many tutorials available online which would provide such detailed answer about what does the green arrow mean on Snapchat.

While using Snapchat if you find any friends of yours with a green arrow, it will indicate he or she has viewed your story and took a screenshot. Don’t waste a moment and follow quality online tutorials to gain inside details about numerous icons used in Snapchat.