Top 5 Games Which Are Similar To Candy Crush

games similar to candy crush

Are you searching for games similar to candy crush and looking to expand your tile-matching gaming experience?

Candy Crush Saga is an awesome tile-machine game which has broken all previous records. The game is simply the best for all platforms and most liked by the casual game lovers. Already millions of downloads have been accomplished but still there is something more demanded by the players. Fortunately, we were able to find some special games similar to candy crush which will offer a lot more excitement and fun in quick time.

Top 5 Games Similar To Candy Crush

  1. 10000000

    10000000 game

    10000000 is a beautiful puzzle based tile game where you are required to fight against the bad guys, look for resources and tries hard to repair your castle. When you are fighting against the bad guys, you need to match symbols in a small puzzle game which results in attacking or casting magic along with defeating your foes. For sure, the game has many interesting twists and you can easily spend hours playing the game.

    Download 10000000:
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  2. Bejeweled Biltz

    Bejeweled Biltz

    This particular game has already own 2013 Google Player’s choice award and still treated as the most incredible tile-matching puzzle game of all time. The game definitely follows the basics and players are asked to match the tiles, complete the level and try to accumulate more points. It is the simplicity of the game which makes it such a perfect entertaining source.

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  3. Crazy Kitchen

    Crazy Kitchen

    Crazy Kitchen is yet another tile-matching game which completely focuses on completion of a level. There are more than 300 levels, numerous themed tiles, power-ups, and boosters. The core mechanics of the game is quite simple and few exciting funny things are thrown from time to time to make it different and wonderful tile -matching game. Crazy Kitchen is a fine example of games similar to candy crush which is free-t-play but has plenty to offer.

    Download Crazy Kitchen:
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  4. Frozen Free Fall

    Frozen Free Fall

    Frozen Free Fall game is designed by Disney and has resulted in a massive hit. This particular game is themed like a movie and even characters belong from the movie. There is nothing like learning bizarre rules just like other tile-matching games. It is the game to play in your free time and kill boring moments of your life.

    Download Frozen Free Fall:
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  5. Jewels Saga

    Jewels Saga

    Jewels Sage is an exceptional tile-matching game which offers more than 150 levels. The concept of the game is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga but it has its own unique spin on things to add an element of freshness. Without any doubt, the game is a bit simpler but easily meets the demand of game lovers. Along with 150 levels, players need to take care of Time mod and crunch those gems as soon as possible.

    Download Jewels Saga:
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Finding games similar to candy crush is not a tough job but the difficult aspect is to find quality games which offer huge fun. Just go through the games mentioned above and boost your collection of games just like Candy Crush Saga.