How To Turn Off Camera Sound On Iphone – Easy Steps To Follow

how to turn off camera sound on iphone

Have you been searching for an amazing and effective tip which will allow you to experience noiseless feeling after turning off camera sound on iPhone? Would you like to learn about a correct way to how to turn off camera sound on iPhone? Seriously camera sound on iPhone is pretty annoying especially when you are sleeping and your small baby is clicking useless pictures. It is crucial to find an easy way to shut down the camera sound and convert the horrible experience into nice fun activity for your child.

It is very much possible indeed t turn off Shutter sound when you take a photo via your iPhone device. iPhone is a special device offering nice photo quality due to its integrated iSight camera which creates shutter sound. Without any doubt, all users like to make their real-time memorable with the iSight camera but have troubling time with a shutter sound.

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How to turn off camera sound on iPhone- Steps To Follow!

If you are the one who really desires to know how to turn off camera sound on iPhone, it is all about following the below-mentioned instructions that enable and disables camera shutter sound.

  1. In order to start with you need to look at the top and left the side of your iPhone device. There will be a mute button.
  2. Just move the button downside with a soft hand and after the button movement, you will observe a small orange color just above the button. This will ensure your iPhone device is in muted situation and ready for the noiseless clicks.
  3. Just to make sure and find out whether you have followed the steps correctly or not, take a picture and test out the shutter sound. If you hear nothing, you have followed the steps properly and achieved your goal. Cheers!

The above mentioned three steps are easy to follow and there is nothing like the application of tough rocket science to mute camera sound on iPhone. In recent times there are many online sources being launched with detail tutorials about how to turn off camera sound on iPhone but most of them are of no use. Just don’t waste your time and effort on any other tutorial as we have shared best one here.

How To Turn Off the Camera Click Noise on an iPhone


Already countless iPhone users have applied our tutorial and were able to eradicate shutter sound issue with ease. Being an old iPhone user, it is tough at all to solve out shutter sound issue and guide out the needy individuals in the right direction. Finally, how to turn off camera sound on iPhone query is completely resolved and now you can enjoy clicking pictures with no worries of camera sound. Taking pictures is one of the best ways to cherish and add enormous fun in your boring lifestyle. Always capture amazing moments of your life with the best iSight camera offered by iPhone.