How to find out who someone is on SnapChat – Only Apply Legal Ways

how to find out who someone is on snapchat

SnapChat is one of the fastest growing social media apps which allows users to share their pictures and videos for a brief time. These shared videos and pictures are seen by friends or known persons who have the application in their phone. Once you have viewed the picture or video as a receiver, you will not be able to see them again.  SnapChat is a wonderful app to use which will easily add enormous fun to your boring life but you must try to learn how to find out who someone is on SnapChat.

Finding someone which you know on SnapChat will depend on numerous factors and here in our short article, we will try to share most of them:

how to find out who someone is on snapchat 2

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  1. SnapChat username – If you know the SnapChat username of the person, it will only take few moments to find out the person. You are just required to search that person in your SnapChat and add it. How to find out who someone is on SnapChat is not a hard query to sort out if you have the username so don’t waste a moment and contact that person and ask the username.
  2. Phone’s Address Book – Individuals who are added to your phone’s contacts could be easily searched on SnapChat if they have the account. Here you are just asked to tap on “Add from address book” option. It is a hassle free to add someone who is on SnapChat but for this option, you should have person contact number in your phone’s address book.
  3. Via QR code – Making use of QR code is another popular way which helps in finding a solution for how to find out who someone is on SnapChat. With this option, you are not required to have a username or the person contact details. Just open your SnapChat app and simply point it to ghost icon of other individual’s SnapChat. When you Tap your screen once, you will be get connected automatically. In snapcahat every user has its own QR code so you can take a screenshot of your profile ghost icon and share it with your friends on other social media platforms. With the screenshot, people can easily point their own SnapChat on the QR code and will add you.


how to find out who someone is on snapchat

We have shared methods about how to find out who someone is on SnapChat but on many occasions the person does not use the real name while creating the profile. In such tricky situations, it becomes nearly impossible to find someone.

SnapChat is an awesome photo and video sharing app which is growing with every passing day. If you are trying some illegal ways to find someone else on SnapChat, just avoid them. These scam ways are of no use and will get your SnapChat account banned. SnapChat is an exceptional source of entertainment but only legal ways should be applied to carry out social networking activities.