How To Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5

Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5

Making use of Samsung Galaxy S5 and searching ways of how to delete Picasa photos from Samsung Galaxy S5? It is not a tough job at all but still you need to read out this particular interesting article in order to delete Picasa photos with ease. Galaxy S5 is an amazing smartphone by there are countless users worldwide who are finding it hard to delete Picasa pictures.

The problem mostly crops up when you create a Google account by making use of the Samsung S5 and it is synced with your smartphone. Due to this synchronization, Picasa web album gets enabled and you will be able to see the Picasa Photos along with other pictures on your device Gallery. Generally, most of the users get trapped inside query how to delete Picasa photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 and looking for some help online.

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How To Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S5 – Follow the guide!

Finally, the long wait is over and our mentioned guide will easily assist in removing these Picasa Pictures on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Follow the steps carefully and don’t miss any information.

  1. First of all, make a visit to Settings and enable Accounts and Sync option.
  2. In the second step, you need to select the Google option but uncheck “Sync Picasa Web Album”how to delete picasa photos from samsung galaxy s5
  3. In the third step, you need to visit Settings again and go to Application Manager.
  4. In the fourth step, you must the find the Gallery option from All tab and when you tap on it, you will observe the option of Clear Data on your Smartphone Screen.
  5. In the last step after cleaning data, you must refresh the Gallery and ensure are Picasa Photos are erased from the Galaxy.

This is simply yet effective guide which has been trusted by needy individuals who desire to delete Picasa photos from their Galaxy S5 device. We have shared a tried and tested tutorial so need to waste your precious time on other available guides online. There are many online sources who are trying to gain more visitors and promises to deliver an effective guide about how to delete Picasa photos from Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of these online guides are nothing more than garbage stuff and should be avoided by all means.

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On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S5 users who don’t want to put many efforts and still want to delete Picasa pictures, just follow above-mentioned 5 easy steps now. We have been sharing effective tutorials for a long time and try to provide valuable information. This article is yet another effort to help out individuals finding it hard to operate their smartphones with perfection. Yes, in order to attain the desired outcomes and delete Picasa pictures, user our detailed tutorial right now. If you still have certain doubts, check out the comments of individuals who have used the detailed guide and were able to find the correct answer for how to delete Picasa photos from Samsung Galaxy S5.