How To Delete Multiple Emails On iPhone -Some Useful Tips To Follow

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Deleting multiple emails on iPhone could easily turn into a troubling task if you are not aware of effective tips. Yes, there is good news as we have a nice and effective answer of important query “how to delete multiple emails on iPhone” in just one operation. No fake information but perfect tips to assist iPhone users. With our tips and tricks, there is no need to left-swipe tap and delete every individual email. Now it is very much possible to tap single circle just next to every email and trash all. Even with our shared information, there is nothing like jailbreaking the device again and again.

On many occasions, it has been found especially professional guys who leave their iPhone device for some days for one reason or another and come back with a shock to delete hundreds of unwanted emails. If you are suffering from the similar tricky situation and unaware of any trick, you are required to invest plenty of time and effort to delete that garbage stuff present in your mail id. To avoid the irritation and save time, we have discovered a method which is far from obvious and well appreciated in Apple discussion forums. With this tip, iPhone users can easily come out of a hole in the Mail functionality and make better or convenient use of their device.

how to delete multiple emails on iphone

How to delete multiple emails on iPhone – A Set Of Effective Instructions!

It was tough to call to decode yet another crucial secret of the Apple but with our instructions, users will have perfect and easy way to delete all unwanted emails in just one tap and that too without any need of jailbreaking the device:

  1. Before we start the process, the user needs to make sure all important emails should be stored in another folder to avoid their deletion while carrying out bulk-action.
  2. In the first step, user need to go to Inbox, Tap Edit option and Mark all the useless emails and then Mark All As Read. This will lead to the end of Edit Mode.
  3. In the second step, the user must Tap Edit again and in the Inbox top message should be taped. Just press gently and hold the Move Button with thumb very precisely. When the user holds the Move Button, he or she must uncheck the tap message and conveniently release the Move Button. In a situation when you have many emails to delete, you need to wait for few moments and avoid touching screen.
  4. Just after few seconds, the user will be taken to move the screen and all selected bulk emails could be moved to another folder. Here we are willing to delete the email so we will move them to the TRASH folder.


how to delete multiple emails on iphone

Just four steps and toughest query how to delete multiple emails on iPhone is completely resolved. No time wasted and still all unwanted emails are erased from your mailbox.