Are You Aware Of How Much Bandwidth Does Netflix Use? Find Out The True Facts!

how much bandwidth does netflix use

When you decide to find out how much bandwidth does Netflix use, you need to look at bigger picture and focus on many minor but crucial aspects. According to statistics, 32% of internet traffic is consumed by Netflix which is massive. Just before getting deep into stats we need to find out the exact reasons behind such massive consumption of data by these video streaming websites like Netflix.

It is the emergence of smartphone video viewing which makes it possible to consume huge data via Netflix use. With every rising size and picture quality of smartphones, we are definitely watching more and more movies or videos on these phones. The video streaming has become an integral part of our lifestyle and one of the best and easy to access sources of entertainment. In our free time, most of us would like to catch some favorite movies, video songs or some other video stuff available on Netflix. It is the best way indeed to kill boring moments of our life and have some quick fun. Isn’t It?

netflix data usage

How Much Bandwidth Does Netflix Use

How much bandwidth does Netflix use is not a shock query when we realize the number of consumers streaming video most part of their day. There has been some massive shift to tiered plans along with data plan limits in order to cope with the burden on internet providers. Now, it is hard to send huge video files over the net as these files will easily clog the bandwidth files we have been using.

These plan limits have a huge impact on companies like Netflix and they were forced to boost their allotted bandwidth many times. Internet service providers are now paying special attention to Netflix Internet traffic and trying hard to find some reasonable solutions.

Now getting back to facts and exact answer to query “how much bandwidth does Netflix use” we need to consider many factors like quality and length of the video. According to stats, an average 720p HD video of around 5 min can easily consume 75 MB data. Similarly, if you are involved in watching 1080p HD video for 5 min, you must pay for 170 MB data at least.

how much bandwidth does netflix use

Individuals who think of watching a 3 hours 720p HD movie on their smartphone will easily eat up a 3Gb monthly data plan. It seems like a huge investment in these data plans if you desire to access Netflix videos all the time. Well, the choice is yours and how bigger pocket you have for the data plans to watch Netflix videos.

The Proper solution for how much bandwidth does Netflix use is a bit hard to explain but in today’s modern world our life will stand still without video streaming. Don’t panic, there are certain apps available which will cut down the data consumption and make your data plans for affordable. Just search for these effective apps and start using them as soon as possible.