8 Best Hacking Apps For Android!!

Hacking Apps For Android

In today’s modern world, smartphones have definitely become an interesting alternative to the computer. Even, in recent times many hacking apps for Android platform have been launched which will take smartphone application to next level. Gone are the days, when hacking was only carried out on computers. The world is changing and now people have started to use these phones as a small hacking toolkit.

Techies are pretty excited about the flexible features offered by smartphones that allow them to carry out numerous tasks with ease. Recently, a good number of cyber attacks on Android users have been reported so here we would like to discuss some impressive hacking apps for android that are specifically designed for the Security tester and for the individuals who want to explore the technical world in a different manner.

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Top 8 Best Hacking Apps For Android

  1. Hackode

    This particular hacking app will act like a perfect penetration tester for the IT students and ethical hackers. When you make use of the hack app you are allowed to carry out different tasks like reconnaissance and more.

    Download Hackode

  2. Androrat

    Androrat is the most exciting hacking apps for android which is used as an administration tool. The app is basically a client/server application specifically developed in Java Android. One can use the app for the client side with ease.

    How to Hack Android Devices Using Androrat

    Download Androrat

  3. APKInspector

    APKInspector is extremely useful GUI tool best suited to the analysts working on the android application. The purpose of developing the hack tool is to help out the analysts along with reverse engineers to find out compiled Android Packages.

    APKinspectorDownload APKInspector

  4. DroidBox

    The discussion about hacking apps for android is incomplete without DroidBox. This particular app is developed to provide complete dynamic analysis of applications of Android platform.
    DroidboxDownload DroidBox

  5. Burp Suite

    Burp Suite will act as perfect integrate platform in order to carry out security testing of the web applications. The hacking app has got numerous quality tools which work together to provide a complete and efficient test process.
    Burp SuiteDownload Burp Suite

  6. zANTI

    zANTI is basically an efficient network diagnostics toolkit which assists in enabling complex audits. With this particular hack tool, you are served with cloud-based reporting along with easy to understand guidelines best suited to ensure top-notch network safety.
    zANTIDownload zANTI

  7. DroidSheep

    DroidShepp is one of the hacking apps for android which can be easily used by most of the users. With the use of this hack tool, you can easily monitor the security of your account at your own level and decide whether you need to use a web service or not?

    DroidSheepDownload DroidShepp

  8. dSploit

    dSploit is basically an effective network analysis which acts as a perfect professional toolkit for the IT experts. The application of the hack tool will allows you to carry out network security assessments in quick time.
    dSploitDownload dSploit


Certainly, there are much more hacking apps for Android but the ones mentioned here are the best in the business. Use these hack tool and take your technical experience to another level.