Is It Possible To Hack Wifi With Android? Go Through Tutorial Carefully!

Hack Wifi With Android

Are you willing to test the security of your own wifi network? Would you like to hack wifi with android and that too without any fuss? Well, there are certainly easy to use tools available which will make it possible to hack any wifi network as long as your Android device is fully compatible. For sure, hacking routers without the owner’s permission is illegal but who cares. As suggested by technical experts, Android is just not all about phones but a lot more.

hack wifi with android

How To Hack Wifi With Android

Here we have another trick to share in the form hack wifi with Android, follow these steps to test security of your own network or hack someone else:

  1. Always Root A Compatible Device – For users, it is important to consider not all Android devices are capable enough to crack a WPS PIN. In order to get the best and safe outcomes, you need to own a device which should have a Broadcom bcm4329 wireless chipset and should be easily rooted. In order to boost your chances of hacking, best is to use Cyanogen ROM.Cyanogen ROM
  2. Get bcmon on your Android device – Download and installation of bcmon on the Android device is the key step if you desire to hack wifi with Android. The tool will simply allow you to activate Monitor mode on the Broadcom chipest which is critical to crack the PIN. In order to achieve the bcmon file free of cost, just execute a bit of searching on the Google and get APK file.
  3. Run bcmon – After you are done with the downloading and installation of APK file, you are required to run the app. When you run the app, you will be asked to install the firmware. Quick tap “Enable Monitor Mode”. If your app crashes more than three times, it signifies your Android device is not supported.
  4. Tap on “Run bcmon terminal” – When you Tap “Run bcmon terminal” a terminal will be launched pretty similar to Linux terminals. Next is to type properly “airodump-ng” and tap on the enter option. After this Alrdump will be loaded on your device and you will be shifted to command prompt once again. Second-time type properly “airodump-ng wlan0” and once again tap on the enter option.
  5. In the last step, you must identify the wifi network which you desire to crack but only access the point which is making use of WEP encryption. Cheers!

Bonus Video: How to Hack Wifi On Android Phone (100% Working With Proof)

Hope the mentioned detailed tutorial is more than sufficient to hack wifi with Android. The process is pretty easy but you must have the right device to achieve the cause. Hacking someone else wifi network is not good but the mentioned 5 steps will help in testing our wifi network. Follow the steps carefully as there are certain minor aspects which should be handled properly. Your one wrong Tap will completely spoil the game and you will not be able to hack wifi with Android.