The Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

best spanish movies on netflix

Are you fond of watching awesome Spanish movies in free time? Would you like to know about the best spanish movies on Netflix? Don’t worry; we have the best information to share in terms of most demanded and awesome Spanish movies available on Netflix. There are certain individuals worldwide who enjoy watching movies with subtitles but are short of ideas regarding best sources and where to begin. In such tricky situations, Spanish Language treasures and one-offs will definitely act as a handy guide.

Netflix is one top-rated source which is best known for offering an amazing collection of Spanish movies which we all like to watch. We have a nice list of the best spanish movies on Netflix, JUST don’t miss it.

The Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

  1. Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

    If you have missed out internationally acclaimed Y Tu Mamá También (2001), time has arrived to visit Netflix and cherish the amazing road trip directed by Alfonso Curaon. The movie is bit different bit different from other road movies at it focus on the journey rather than a destination.

    Y Tu Mamá También

  2. The Princess of France (2015)

    This movie offers the smallest cast list which you will find on Netflix. The movie is all about a small theater group that tries hard to create Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour Lost.

  3. Güeros (2014)

    Güeros is an experimental thrilling concept which has won hearts of countless movie lovers. In the movie, a young boy
    is asked to live with his elder good-for-nothing brother as part of his punishment. The pair gets trapped inside a series of misadventures and scrapes which will give viewers interested all the time.

    Güeros (2014)

  4. El Clon (2010)

    El Clon is the remake of a telenovela in Spanish which lacks a bit of dramatic thunder. But still, it is a good Spanish movie to watch which has already captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide.

    El Clon (2010)

  5. Gloria (2013)

    If you are going through the article carefully and simply don’t have any information about Gloria (2013), you must acquaint yourself with the popular Mexican Madonna. Just like Madonna, Trevi was involved in some sort of controversy which landed her in jail.

    Gloria (2013)

  6. The Vampire’s Coffin (1958)

    An old Spanish movie for sure but still a delight to watch. This movie is still rocking the Netflix horror section but easily hit the spot for an amazing Dracula rip-off. You need a bold heart to watch the movie so be ready for a horror fun with your friends and family members.

    The Vampire’s Coffin (1958)

  7. Mala Mala (2015)

    This particular moving stunner is the perfect source of entertainment which focuses on ignored and disturbed transgender community. With the movie, viewers will understand the gender identity and sexuality details associated with transgender.

There is a long list of Spanish movies which are available on Netflix and worth to watch in spare time. We have mentioned a few of the best spanish movies on Netflix but there are plenty more to consider and enjoy.