About Us

TheTouchWorld.com is the one of the largest gadget research site in the USA that provides tools, latest news, reviews & rich content to help people decide which gadget best suits their needs. The platform also helps users to find best prices/offers for the gadgets.

TheTouchWorld is visited by over 8 million gadget enthusiasts every month, and ranks among the top 500 websites in the USA. We have a team of 60 people based in our offices. We generate close to $100 million in sales to our retail partners through TheTouchWorld platform.

We work with most of the leading consumer electronics & telecom brands (Samsung, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, etc.), as well as leading online retailers (eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.), to help them reach TheTouchWorld gadget enthusiast community and to promote their products & offers with innovative ways and messaging.

Research shows that over 70% of all electronics buyers in the USA research online before purchase. TheTouchWorld mission is to become the starting point & the best source for this research.

  • Used by over 8 million people every month.
  • Over 30 million page views per month.
  • Database of more than 45,000 mobiles & electronics devices.
  • Detailed information & expert reviews by our senior editorial team.
  • Interactive tools like phone finder, and spec score to help you decide which phone to buy.